Hiring Builders for Theme Park! [100k]

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  1. Hey!

    I've decided today to really start working on my theme park on Utopia. I originally intend to open it almost 3 years ago, but I've never been bothered. I have two residences on Utopia for this theme park, so I intend for it to be huge and really awesome.

    What I need right now is someone willing to construct some very detailed and exciting rides, including roller coasters, carnival rides and other unique rides.

    I am willing to pay in excess of 100,000 rupees for the biggest and highest quality projects. If you are interested in building any part of the theme park, large or small, please PM me and we can discuss employment!

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  2. Ah, finally development resumes! :D
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  3. Yes, but I'm too scared to put a timeline on it this time :p
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  4. I might be able to help with design and some construction and ideas (not very good at natural builds or anything that isn't geometric) love the idea of theme park (<----Major Disney World fan)
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