[Hiring] Builders for large Farm (Auto)

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  1. Hello, I need builders for a large automatic farm. I'm having the dirt cleared at my res soon and will then need the building done. I am willing to negotiate on the pay.
    Give me a good number and we'll talk :) my res is 19373 on smp9.
  2. What kind of farm is it? I could do it for you if you want.
  3. I can do it for free
  4. It is going to have sections, potato, wheat, canes, carrots. I would like it all to be automatic.
  5. I could do it. You would have to replant though
  6. Yes of course I'll replant. Now, I would be only one having access to it ok?
  7. Thats fine with me. I just want to build it
  8. I do if for free I made my HOLE time on minecraft farms nice farms auto farms big farms
    you canĀ“t see it my on res on smp1 made I a HUGE shop and fun park (my res 1145 )
  9. Ok so let's make a plan... Who wants to do it for free? This would just be making me a farm and I would be only one getting access.
  10. I'm willing
  11. Ok tori desu. Please be on smp9 in about hour and a half and I'll be there.
  12. You can't build the farm until the dirt is dug out...
  13. I have other spots.