Hiring a tree farm builder

Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by thefriedmans, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. I am looking to get a person to build a functional tree farm afk able (I would be at the computer so it is legal)
    I would need to see the design on a creative world to see if it would work then I would give the go ahead to build it
  2. I dont think it it is possible to break trees down without manual Labour.

    Is there?
  3. Withers if your doing it in frontier or waste
  4. Oh wow. Ok didn't know that
  5. this seems cool i might be able to help lemme check my shcedule
  6. I may have a person let me get back to you's all soon
    15-20k idk
  7. I may have the design soon just need someone to build it
  8. Like above, withers, but also since 1.9 since you have an offhand, you can make a tree farms where the player plants a sapling then gets put on top of the tree and breaks it, all while holding down left and right click.
    But also a lot of people mistake Semi AFK for AFK. As He is probably looking for one where the logs get pushed into a cube
  9. Yep the cube ones are a PAIN to make functional on multiplayer servers. I've been working on mine for weeks