[HIRING] A little old digger

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  1. It's been a while since I've done this so I'll try my best to keep it short and sweet.
    I'm looking for a trustworthy member of the community that has preferebly been here for longer than a year. If you havent been there that long but are still interested feel free to PM me or post below anyway so we can try to work something out

    What do I need doing you may be thinking? Well I'm looking for a fellow EMCican to mine out an area of around 60x60x16

    What do we get in return for this labour! you may be wondering? You get to keep any or all of the ores and minerals you mine, I'd prefer to keep all of blocks mined but if that doesnt suit me please let me know. I'll also be happy to pay you in rupees or precious items, once again whatever suits you :)

    If you have any further questions you'd like to ask please comment below or PM me.
    Thankyou for reading this extremely professional post by the way <3

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  2. I can help when I'm online. I'll see if you're on when I am.
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  3. I can do it for you matt, but I won't be fully back till August 9th if you want my help though
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  4. So a big dig idea.

    Just to be sure: 60 in length, 16 wide and 60 high, right? Sounds like fun, and a challenge when we find lava and such :)

    If this area isn't too tedious to reach then I might also be persuaded to help out :) Assuming I'm trustworthy of course ;)
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  5. I guess that all depends on how quickly me and a few helpers get it done :) Thank you though!
    I belive I put the dimentions on wrong as per usual haha, my college tutor would not be proud, I actually meant 60 wide, 60 long and 16 high, it's fairly uneven so 16 is an average hight :) Of course I can trust good old Mr.Shel! ;)