Hiring a exterminator

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  1. my outpost is amazing except for 1 thing..... marlix the flying demon constantly interrupts projects and has been orbiting our base which makes it nearly impossible to complete /work
    there are 4 at the time of this post and they are hunting me down (camping in a witch hut praying for people to rescue me XD) i can't pay much but u get all the loot from killing them and 5 vault vouchers and 64 diamonds pls my crew really needs this
  2. Diff 1 will make them peaceful.
  3. You can turn difficulty down to 1 so they can't attack you
    Edit: dang I was sniped
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  4. Closed i found someone :D
  5. this has done nothing they murdered me on 1
  6. You have to stay out of combat for a little bit for it to take effect.
  7. You can turn off miniboss spawns in /ps :p
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