[Hiring] 30k for dirt removal

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  1. Job: Full res dirt removal (Except the the top layer)
    Where: 1983 (SMP1)
    Pay: 30,ooor
    Deadline: N/A
    Requirement: At least 100 days old
    First come,first serve...
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  2. I'll take it!
  3. can i do it too? or just 1 person?
  4. The job is now open once again...
  5. whats the time allowed o the job to be done in?
  6. At least in a month...
  7. oh ok maybe i will take the job then
  8. Hmm..Ok,but is it a yes or no?
  9. sorry no i dont have time :p ask shadyshannon she mightwant to do it
  10. Ok ;-;, Job is still open...
  11. If he job is open next week i will see what i can do
  12. I'll be on in like 30 ish min though. I'm getting food. Lol
  13. Oh wait I'm not 100 days yet.... Nvm
  14. I can get it done in a few hours though :(