Highlancer54 and Kissthenerd's Wedding

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  1. **********ATTENTION***********
    Due to real life issues/scheduling the wedding was canceled. I will update information about it on this forum post. Sorry for everyone who wanted to go, if you have questions you can comment or message me :]
  2. Its all cool, we can wait! ;)
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  3. :D we can wait but I am looking forward to this :I
  4. Aw!! Thanks C: I hope I can figure out a day that can work with everything... I was really looking forward to it too! lol
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  5. Will you let us know on EMC as well for the new date. I cant wait till when the wedding does happen its gonna be awesome. :)
  6. Wait... is this like a real thing?
  7. Yes! I will post all the new information about it on here! Just make sure to keep this forum post active so others can know :D
  8. like Lance and me?
  9. Yeah, I think...?
  10. Yes lance and me are dating lol
  11. It's real. ;)
  12. I can't wait for my favorite moderator to get MARRIED! :D
  13. Ok cool, just never heard of a MC wedding. May I ask who's officiating?
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  14. We dont know, but its also canceled so its not to worry yet
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  15. Lance is everyone favorite moderator he's cool
  16. Well maybe now I can go! :)
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  17. :D hehe

    I hope so!!!

    I agree
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  18. because we feel like it would be "fun" to share this moment with others besides real life
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  19. Why not lol
  20. I've presided over a marriage between a man and his cactus, just sayin'.

    ...And it took place in a lovely Smp8 wilderness cathedral (needs some fixing up...) - build credit to Schlaf82 and others, grief credit to some wandering newbies -
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