High_Jacker is back...

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  1. Hey guys, High_Jacker here, as some of you older members will know I used to be on this server a lot. I really enjoyed my time, but as I got older the studies got harder, and have had a large amount of time off, but have decided to come back whenever I can in my spare time. This is basically a re-introduction, as a lot of newer members will have no idea who I am.

    Basically, I am an smp8 member who loves wacky and weird people, (so you can see why I choose smp8) and love to play games. I am 17 years old, and would call myself mature. Over my time I spent a lot of time building a mall, and collecting promo items (which all are gone as I lost all 4 of my residences). My overall goal on the server is always to be the richest I can possibly be, as well as having some of the best items I can get.

    I hope to see you all around again, especially ones who I have known, and I hope to meet some new members!
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  2. If u like weird people, then I here lol
  3. Welp, looks like Ariana Grande is back.

    Hey High_Jacker!
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  4. Welcome back!
    Ari and her "Dangerous Woman" album... :p
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  5. I don't know you but welcome back, always nice to see old timers getting back in action :D
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  6. Welcome back High_Jacker. :)
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  7. She's a 5'1 22 year old woman. As a 6'0 teenage boy, I can probably step on her. Doesn't seem all that dangerous to me :rolleyes:
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