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  1. Hi guys and gals, this thread is not to advertise and get my event res known, yet. I am in need of help from a supporter most likely, for someone who has an extra res to claim or a res you do not use! My Hide 'n' Seek event res is move flagged false as i don't want people to go around the res looking for good hiding spots otherwise the event will not be fair. Having the move flag falsed, means people cannot TP to the res and it's making it very hard to find a GOOD solution. The best solution i have found without needing the help of kryssy or someone to make the tp on my res possible with it move flagged is for the res directly next to the entrance of my res that has not been claimed to be used as the TP. Long story short if that did not make sense, I need someone to claim the res next to my event res and allow the tp to my res to be on the side of your's facing the entrance of mine.... It's a lot to ask for but if anyone can help me i would appreciate it and im looking forward to start using this event res and getting everyone together to enjoy it. <3
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  2. This should have been in the player events section.
  3. I am not advertising the event, I feel it should be placed here.
  4. How about you just use a neighboring residences address, and just tell the people to walk 10 blocks to your res? Just put a viewing block, or wall, around your res so there isn't cheating. Also residences are worth a tiny bit too much in my opinion for an open-hand donation. But Maybe someone has a free one... It is unlikely though.
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  5. No it shouldn't have. It is fine where it is. If anything, it should have been in the share your creations forum.
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  6. The solution is very simple I think: make a landing zone and seal it off. Then set the residence spawn point to that landing zone so all players will end up there and cannot move uncontrolled over your residence.

    Which also brings me to my question: why would you need this, so what are you trying to achieve here? It sounds to me as if you don't want players to teleport to your residence on one end, but do want them to access it on the other. And that part makes little sense to me.

    I'm pretty sure you can solve whatever problem it is you're having without an extra residence.
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