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  1. Sup I've been playing for about 5 days now, my IRL name is Zac for whoever wants to know... anyway this server seems great atm, ill see you guys online I'm usually pretty talkative so if you wanna chat just hit me up also heres what I look like for anyone that wanted to know

  2. ps the photo on the left is a comparison photo of me like 3 years ago and me now.
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  3. Ey there,

    I'd say welcome to the Empire but we already passed that stage 5 days ago :p Anyway it's nice to see you found your way onto the forums. This place can be yet another nice way to make some quick bucks (now referring to auctions & the products / services forum).

    Anyway, I hope you're still enjoying yourself here but something tells me that's really not much of a question ;)

    See you soon in-game :)
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  4. Hi Zac. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  5. Welcome to EMC, Zac. Any questions let us know ;)
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  6. Welcome Zac, hope you enjoy it here :)
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  7. Welcome to the server, like Hannah said earlier just let us know if you have any questions or need help with anything :)

    edit: had to edit this 3 times lol
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  8. Hiya Zac, welcome to EMC.
    I've seen you around on SMP1 but haven't spoken yet - catch you soon :)
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  9. Welcome to EMC

    Thanks for spending 200k on gold in my mall on your first days :)
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  10. No problem faith ;)
  11. Welcome to the Empire! I hope you're really enjoying it here, if you have any questions then let us know!
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  12. Welcome to EMC, Zac. What smp are you on?
  13. Hello :)
    Welcome to the Empire! :D
  14. Welcome to the Empire!!!
    I can be found on smp2 if you need anything... :)
  15. Welcome to ze empire where dreams of adventure come true and where I ignore all of that and sell books.