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  1. Hi EMC, I never did this, so yeah. Some of you know me( 1% of empire), and some of you are saying who is this stranger random guy that post many random threads that spam the news. This guy is called generalfelino015. I live in smp7 since my good friend sonicol1, told me about this awesome server. Before that I was a pro in hunger games and skywars( still being a pro). Also, as my profile picture shows, I love SlipKnot, and love metal :D. And I live in the worst country of all America( still love my country). And yes, just saying hi to all of you :D.

    Here is a old pic of me and my dog :D

  2. I hope i get to know you on smp7!
    What a cute dog :D
  3. You should live in smp7( best server ever :D). And the cute dog is called Capo :D.
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  4. I am moving there. I have a res and i am working on building a house.
  5. More than 1% of the empire knows you lol. I doubt even 5% know me barley here lol
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  6. Hi to all of you( agin)
  7. Hi :)
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  8. Hey General! I already know you and you are awesome!
  9. True, and your one of the best players in EMC I ever meet :D.
  10. i am too :D
  11. Also true my boss, my good friend flaming potato :D. Still will pimp smp7 wild.
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  12. Yisss we will :D havent been to the outpost since you last took me doh. I don't remember how to get there xD
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  13. Lol, top secret, just for owners of the island, and friends of my :D.
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  14. Do you remember me?
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  15. Yes, smp7 will always be our home, and I remember you because I love your username( the 666 part :D).
  16. Lol, I do know the flamingpotato also! I remember when hisack 'helped' you start your shop, although I doubt that you needed any help really. But you were cool to him regardless and gave him something to do lol! I have never really mobbed or mined with you though. Someday perhaps!

    Olaf! An awesome 'clock' that i'm glad came to 7! Somedays I feel like using your special room at the corner of your res. Don't get rid of that sign because it makes me laugh every time I see it.

    And Netherworld! I don't see you on 7 much anymore, although seems like we always bid against each other. We need to coordinate to save some r! It is all good though.

    Feels like I have not seen you general in awhile. Ive been busy with work and snagging the new 1.7 blocks so I hope you do not think that I am being rude, or that it is on purpose.