Hi, you can call me Rei

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  1. i was only going to check out the server to see if it was fun. i planned on staying 30min tops to check out some other servers too. well, this was not what i had in mind and i hope i wasn't too much of a party poop when i ran out to test commands which people told me (/wild and /waste).

    don't expect to see too much of me, i really like my nick and avatar for a reason. i like playing by myself, i stick a bit to myself, but also like chatting a bit. still, some of u are really nice ppl!

    i hope i dont look ungrateful for doing that give away event on the forum. i really like the stuff ppl gave me, but seems like a bit too much at once. so i also want to try to do something back again :) oh, b4 i forget: i missed everything u guys told me in /tell. sorry but that was just way too much at once!!

    some things im going to really use to build. someone who i wont name sent me a diamond paper, also helped me out learning the server, and i even got a discount in his store (lol!). my first fan LOL :)

    well.. thx for the welcome. u can call me rei and thats all i have to say :D
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  2. Welcome !!
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  3. Welcome to the Empire Rei. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  4. Welcome to the Empire, Rei! #300kPartayy
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  5. Hey, you got lucky to be the 300,000 member to ever hit that join button.

    Welcome to EMC, use that diamond paper and you surely will see a whole new side of this. I am hoping it is a diamond voucher and not a paper named diamond :confused:
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  6. Welcome :p
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  7. Welcome to EMC
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  8. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  9. Welcome I hope we all didnt scare you last night! Anyway welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!
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  10. Hoi Rei,

    Welcome to the Empire and well... normally I'd write essays here but since we kinda met in-game I'm going to leave it at that :) (got to be a first time for everything :D).
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  11. Welcome to the Empire!
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  12. Welcome to the Empire! :D
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  13. True story: u guys almost did. when i was doing the tutorial i thought something was odd and thought about going and maybe joining l8r. when i got to my res the first i wanted to do was quit but didnt. also because so many ppl told me so many good things. "if u want ppl of ur res do ...." something. "if u dont like firework noise do.." this. "if u want to mine do /waste" (i did!).

    "pls follow me!". so i find the name and follow him. nothing happens. lololol.

    so; /register gets u extra rupees and forum account to follow. i thought follow around my res.

    sorry for burning stuff! lolol

    i was trying to open a chest and some1 threw a lava bucket. i didn't know. so next thing is lava all over my res. ha ha ha.

    oh btw; if u guys collect heads then go to my res (/v +rei on smp6). they creep me out! theres a chest on ur left, with preview sign. tell me what u really want and we're good.

    sorry to players who gave all those heads. i really like u guys giving me all that but heads freak me out. is why i don't do pvp and quit many servers b/c they said "pve" and when you join "yay, lets pvp". well without me!

    stupid other servers..
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  14. Welcome to EMC
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