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  1. I'm ThereRnoBirds. Don't ask. If you watch the show of my skin, you'll understand why I'm called that. Anyways.... I was thinking of gathering up a group of new people ( like me ) and starting a mine-craft club. Simple. Members get together to mine and craft things. We'll have our own tunnels and routes. We work together to help each other out so everyone can have a good minecraft starting experience. We'll even have our own trading system. I have more ideas, but I won't carry them out unless at least 5 people reply to me and agree that maybe I should carry this out. Membership is free...For now....Please Reply.;)
    http://mag.racked.eu/cimage/2591vku/Achievement get!/Where are the birds????/mca.png
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  2. I'm down. I'm probably going to move to another server, but that can wait. This sounds like it has great potential and I'd like to help you start this up. As many know I'm SMP 2's top potion shop, so I can supply any type of potion we'd need on any mining trip, most likely free of charge ;).

    Glad to help,

    Clint Edwards
  3. Welcome to the Empire! I hope your group goes well and you enjoy EMC
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  4. i want to join this group because i have a full suit of diamond Armour, and more than 2 of all diamond tools most enchanted. i could supply food, i have a lot of that (and like 20 golden apples)
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  5. What is your name about?
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  6. Hey dc626 here and i dont mind joining you group.

    Im commonly known as the guy who built the parkour tower on smp4
  7. I didn't expect this much attention in a few hours. Wow! Okay. I'm going to create a thread for our group. First of all, give me some name suggestions for our group. Happy miner friends? Idk. Also, I'm going to need materials and a meeting time in game. We can meet, and then underground at my residence, we can build a cool place just for our group. The door to get in is only accessable by members. Since you seem interested, Ill right you down as members. Give me more ideas on group stuff. Keep up the good response!
  8. Woot come to smp4 now
  9. Wait which server r we going on?
  10. How are you gonna pull that off in the wilderness?
  11. Hi guys. I'm not sure what my residence id is, but the server is smp2. Also, invite your friends to join.
  12. Lolkold, the group is not based in the wilderness. I'm working on a facility underground, where we will meet. We will, yes, have tunnels and shafts in the wilderness (and an outpost). I have school though, but at my school, we use computers and I get lots of free time. I'll work on it though, and I'm working up a draft of the Member form. Everybody who shows interest on this forum will be considered.:) Nyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyan
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  13. sorry i dont think i can join im a smp4er
  14. im interested
  15. I've been on empire for a little longer then a 100 days, but i would be glad to help ;)
  16. Okay. The base is complete...Still workng on it, but it works for now
    I added a few of you to the members board, so thank you all. I'm on smp2, and my address is 3327. Happy Miner Friends Forever!
  17. Man, sorry i couldnt help you
  18. It's okay. You can just come to smp2, and use the vault. When you come mining with us, just take what you have on smp4 and vault it to smp2. I can even keep a chest at the base for you if you want containing your stuff. Anyways, when you're done mining, just vault it back. No matter what the server anyone can join.
  19. Thanks :)

    plse pm me the co ords
  20. im interested to join your server