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  1. The name is Librios2. Yes the name is a bit strange, but it's a name that has stuck with me for quite some time. I recently found out about this server by looking up server names, and this one stood out to me. I've stopped playing minecraft a few years ago, and now I'm getting back into the game.

    I've been on it for a few days, and I'm already enjoying it. It's a lot different from other servers that I have tried in the past. But yeah, thought I would introduce myself here. Looking forward to chat with you all.
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  2. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  3. I hope you love it. The server really is different -- and has a super nice community.
  4. Welcome to the empire, Libros! :)
  5. Welcome! Hopefully your enjoying your stay, as you said haha!
  6. Welcome to the Empire Librios. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  7. Welcome to Empire hope you have an awesome time here :)
  8. Thank you. :)
  9. So far I'm really enjoying it. Still learning a lot, but having fun at the same time. :)
  10. Thank you. :)
  11. So far so good. and thank you. :)
  12. Thank you. :)
  13. Thank you. :)
  14. welcome to the empire... now witness the power of this full armed and (oh wait wrong empire) :p Have fun :)
  15. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  16. Welcome to the Empire Librios2!
    I look forward to chatting with you! :)
  17. Welcome to Empire Minecraft :D