Hi Pepples

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  1. Hi people. How are you?
  2. Good, how are you?
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  3. Hello! Im very good thank you, and how are you. Also welcome to EMC *Should have choose SMP4 Tut Tut Tut*
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  4. I have a feeling I will like your threads...
    Just your homour....
    hahahahahahahahah I can't wait!
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  5. We are quite reasonable pepples, thanks very much.
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  6. Welcome!
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  7. Unless you have control of the USSR...
    Anyways, welcome to the best server on the web!!
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  8. Welcome!
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  9. We are all very proud pepples :)
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  10. Hi. Do NOT buy from the empire shop.
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  11. Oh, stop it you, I was just playing the game :3
  12. It should be in the empire guide! it should say 'NEVER buy from the empire shop they will rip you off' i made that mistake as a newbie lol
  13. But I love having shopping sprees there. Me and Faithcaster had one together
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  14. No...just no! xD
  15. We come in peace!
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  16. Hello there ^_^
  17. Hey! That's my line! >=/
  18. Welcome to EMC! I am the tomato king, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Make sure to read the guide ----> GUIDE
  19. Sowiee