Hi! Mah name is Bennybeebop!

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  1. Hello world!
    In case you may not know, I am, in fact, Luckygreenbird's little bro. I've actually been on the Empire for quite a while, just not as frequently. But I just wanted to introduce myself somehow, so I noticed this and decided to let you all know some stuff about me. I am a bird enthusiast, but not as much as my bro. If you wonder about my current white, orange, and black skin, it's because when I was a little younger I decided to make myself a personal flag, and I made black diagonal stripes with a white center surrounded by orange. Orange, green, white, and sky blue are my favorite colors. 'Nuf said. If you'd like to know more, go ahead and comment and I'll (possibly) respond. Thanks for reading about me!;)
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  2. Welcome to the Empire!
  3. Lucky wanted me to make fun of you so HAHAHAAHHAHA
    i feel terrible for this dang it lucky
  4. Welcome to EMC!!! :)
  5. Hi Bennybeebop. Nice to meet you and welcome back. :)
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  6. Welcome back Benny. I hope we meet one day. ;)
  7. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft :D
  8. Did you pet a bird this morning?
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