Hi, I'm Zackinblack (Never Sent One)

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  1. Hi, I'm Zackinblack I played on the server around 2013 but I haven't really introduced my self. My name is Zackory Nathaniel East I'm currently fifth-teen (15) years old and was born on February 19th 1999. I'm a School drop out. My family had a baby brother so I had to watch over him and learn my studies from home instead of school. So you'll probably see on here more than usual on weekdays. Ultimamaxx is My Best Friend on the server and was the one who introduce me the server. I have ADHD and tend to drift apart from being absent minded. I love Anime, Video games, Drawing and much more! Thank you for reading my introduction and if you have any questions you want to ask or want to know please be welcome to ask :)
    P.S ( I'm very friendly and easy to get along with ) Thanks!
  2. Nice to meet you :) Hope the Empire is treating you well.
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  3. I love to see players that have been a part of the Empire for a while. Hope you are having a wonderful time :)
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  4. :D Welcome to the Forums! :cool:
  5. Zack is a really cool person and is fun to hang out with. We met in 2007 when Zack saw me riding my bike down the street and he wanted to race me. We have been good friends ever since and the only bad thing that has ever happened between us is that Zack moved. Skype and Minecraft kept us in touch and also increased our friendship :) He also wanted me to get Minecraft and that's how I got here. And I don't even notice his ADHD

    We played on many Minecraft servers before finding this one. We build things together and it always turns out great. The only limit we have is the resources. We constantly need glass, iron, quartz, and hardened clay. If you'd like to help us, please stop by 16096 and place your donation in the hopper or send mail to me or Zackinblack. Rupees would be accepted too :) Also, if you have donated, please leave an unsigned book and quill via mail with your name in it and what you have donated. We will have a dedicated area for a list of donations and donators... Thanks!
  6. Also Zackinblack has +admin at all of my residences and is also the first other person to get it without counting my alts... He is really honest and can be trusted:)