Hi I'm Vivid.

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  1. Hello everyone I'm Vivdoptimism, Vivid for short. This is my 1000th post in just over 700 days with a 99.4% post to like ratio. I'm always up for questions.

    I stumbled upon Minecraft two years ago via a You tube video featuring Paul Soars Jr. "How to survive and thrive" series. I was captivated by the endless possibilities and my non stop imagination. I played single player for a few months but became board when I realized that no one would ever see my creations. I started searching for servers on Google. Empire was the second server I found, the first one, the owner kept resetting the world on a weekly basses. I started when there were only four severs and new members were to join smp 4. That became my home.

    About me, I am 32 years old, I have a wonderful wife, a beautiful son and another son on the way in late January. I am an introvert and therefore not very social; I try to be but it's just not me.
    My wife had a brief account here aSandy_Pants, but she just isn't patience enough for MC. I also created an alt account in an attempt to be more social and out spoken. I learned you can change the name but not the person. My small EMC circle of close friends include but are not limited to Cadgamer101, Tomtark123, Margaritte, and other that have since been banned or left and are missed.

    I love to help people and my career reflects it. I love living in the wild and would love to join your base. I also have a base with a population of one. I have been wanting company lately. I feel like I'm getting random here so I'll just let it go. I may randomly throw some rupees around.
  2. YOu're back :D! Welcome back!
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  3. Hello :) Seen you on SMP5 lately. I believe we have spoken before a couple trillion years ago..
    Great to see you here :D
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  4. what will the new babies name be? =)
  5. Hey vivid, I remember seeing some of you on utopia a while back, next time I'll say hi!
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  6. Never met you but you seem cool :D
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  7. Aiden, Both of my sons share my initials :D
  8. I remember working for you on the 9/11 memorials last year…you were really generous when paying me. :D
    Good to see you again!
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  9. oh! i like that name :D
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  10. Welcome back!
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  11. Wait, I didn't really knew you left, but hey, welcome back :D

    I knew you already, and I know you from your project on Utopia.
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