Hi im pat2011, now bow down

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  1. just wanted say sup and that does the server just have to lag on the night i joinb i mean really
  2. Hello Welcome to EMC!
    The coz of lag may have been ppl breeding villagers
  3. best title to say hi!
  4. .. wait what? /facepalm
  5. Welcome to EMC and have a great time :D

  6. Welcome I enjoy playing EMC alot i go on it when i have time so i hope you have a great time.
  7. Welcome to out Empire! I hope you have a great time. Lag isn't usually an issue. But anyways, what server are you on?
  8. Unless you live next to a crazy cat lady that breeds ocelots all day... lol
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  9. I like trains.
    Oh welcome BTW... =)

  10. i play on smp1 res 1385
  11. Welcome to the Empire!
  12. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time on these servers...they are the best! (<----- not an opinion :))
  13. Hissssssss I find that offensive I just spent 5 k on a gauge 5 4f
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