Hi! I'm not so new but...

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  1. I'm sooo excited!!! I've been here for a while now and thanks to Rainbowchin I can now post!! XD I love playing here on smp1 in the Empire. This is where I come when I want a break from being a mod on a different server. The peoples here are great and lots of fun and the mods are also fun very helpful indeed. Well, that's all I wanted to say and "HI!" =D
  2. Welcome to EMC! hope you are enjoying and will enjoy your experiences with us forever!
  3. lol. Thanks tuqueque. =] I don't plan on going anywhere else except for some pixelmon here and there. =>
    I think I would want a dragon profile photo. Not too sure how to about getting it though.
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  4. Google images is the answer....
  5. welcome! hope you enjoy it here!
  6. lol, is funny that no one in the current responses are in SAM, lol!

    edit: Samsimx is one

  7. HI XD
  8. Hey dere Damiensmom11. =] It's a great community. I like to hang with nice people and there's a lot here sooo... I do like it here very much and thanks for the welcome.. =D
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  9. Lol. This is true and I have. =D
  10. Chin helped someone! jk :p Welcome BTW
  11. Yes! That Rainbow was very helpful and nice about it too. =D .. and Thanks for da welcome. :D
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