Hi, im not actually new to emc, just the forums

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by runnerboy72000, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. I'm runnerboy, i play on smp1 most of the time i'm on, I forgot the password and email for my emc account, and just didnt really care, but my friend Olaf_C wanted me to join the forums, so I found it again, thats about it. If you see me on feel free to say hi, and visit my shop at my res!
  2. Welcome to the magical and bonkers world of the EMC forums, ol' chum :p
  3. Welcome to the forums! :D
  4. Welcome to this humble joint where you will waste your money on countless DC's of random stuff you probably don't need! Like brewing stands!
  5. Welcome to the forums! :)
  6. Welcome to the forums
  7. Welcome to the forums runnerboy. A great place to hang out. ;)
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  8. Welcome to the forums. :)
  9. Welcome to the forums. You're going to love it here. ;)
  10. Welcome to the forums! It is nice here :p
  11. Welcome to the forums! :)