Hi i'm new. Can someone help me build my graveyard?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by EternityMidnight, May 8, 2012.

  1. I'm not a noob just kinda new. So please help me and please follow me!
  2. ??? What do you mean?
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  3. Graveyard...Dark...Gloomy...Sure!Ill help!
  4. Thanks my res is 18203
    Um I'm not goth though just a bored normal(ish) person.
    Well the first sign of maddness is talking to yourselve so I may be kinda mad!
  5. You got any plans to make money out of this graveyard? Perhaps charging for entry?
    I could invest if that's the case :3
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  7. Um i charge for graves and yes you can invest :)
  8. Today is a good day. Two VIP graves sold each for 150r. I charge alot :) but everyone still buys!
  9. I think I won't watch that again...............
  10. It went with the whole graveyard goth thing. Not my concern if you lack a sense of humor miss goth.
  11. im not a goth! and thats why i don't like it
  12. for assuming the person named Eternity Midnight who wants a graveyard is a goth.
  13. arg Its a game quote Skyrim um its like a saying there. lol
  14. Why in the world are you building a graveyard? Out of all things to build.....
  15. Why not? This is Minecraft, you can build anything your mind can think of. ^_^
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  16. True.... Its just that graveyards seem kind of creepy.
  17. They're fun to build though. If you're going for a haunted house theme, you totally need to add in a graveyard someplace. Makes me want to kinda unclaim one of my lots and move over to utopia so I can fit in a graveyard with my haunted house.. But I won't do it, it would take too long and require too much work. >_<
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  18. Well, I guess all I'm going to say is good luck to you.
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  19. Thankyou!