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  1. Hi im new here , ive played for about an hour more or less and i like the server allot , i like the custom plug ins and i say welldone! to the programmers , and to the server , keep up the good work its a great server , gots my votes :) , anyways , im from South Africa from Somerset West but i study BA Graphic Design at a college called "CTI" at the Durbanville campus , Im a friendly person so feel free to ask me anything ( I might not reply soon , but i will within 1 hour to 3 days (roughly) ) , im turning 20 this march , i like cooking , gaming , chilling with friends , lanning now and then , i have steam: demonnastro. feel free to ask anything. peace :)
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  2. Welcome to emc :)! You will enjoy alot of stuff to do here :D
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  3. Welcome to the Empire. I hope you're going to like it here, smp3 is a really nice server to be on.
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  4. thanks meerkatman1 :) , i already like it and i dont even have a house yet haha , i like the serverwide vault , its amazing !, im gna turn my plot on towny into a shop and then im gna build my main place somewhere on one of the servers , if youd like to know which one id gladly tell you when im there :) , see you ingame sometime .
  5. thanks :) , I still want to play on one of the servers as im making my main area there but ... i want to join one with the least destruction on the land . ill check "3" out :)
  6. Just to avoid confusion: I was referring to the server you're currently playing on ;) Your home residence is on smp3 (I looked it up) so that's what triggered my comment.

    And well, we have 8 other servers to play on as well (smp1 through smp9) so you got plenty to discover I'd say ;)
  7. Welcome to the Empire nastro, I'm sure you'll love it here! :)
  8. Welcome to EMC! :) im positive you will love it here! I'll see ya around the server! ;)
  9. Hey nastro18! Welcome to EMC! I hope you will enjoy, and if you have any questions, just ask it! We have a great community, and I am sure you will get an answer :)! Have fun, maybe I see you around here somethime!
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  10. haha lol i realized that when i played a while ago xD , so are the others diffrent?
  11. thanks :)
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  12. @haasregt and @chocolate800 thanks :)
  13. There are 10 servers, SMPs 1 through to 9 and then Utopia. SMPs 1 through 9 are all the same, they all involve a town surrounding a spawn in the middle basically, and people live in the town on residences, big 60x60 squares. Utopia however is a Supporter server, you can visit and everything but only Supporters can buy the 120x120 residences there and use the wastes/wild there. The main idea is the same though, a town with a spawn centered in the middle and the server's own wastes/wild to go along with it all. I hope this clears it up, but quote me on anything which doesn't make any sense! :p
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  14. haha thanks it does :) im gna stick on my smp3 for now , im making that my main shop and house rather .
  15. Welcome to EMC!
  16. Welcome :D

    And stage? :p Or does that not count :3
  17. Well SMP 1-9 have the same set-up and then Utopia has its own unique setting but it's for supporters. Although SMPs 1-9 have the same set-up, they have different players, wastelands, wild, and different residences. Here is an example: The main shops for smp9 are /v 19000, 19500, and 19164 (In my opinion) but on smp6 the main shops are /v +gg, /v +mm, and /v +rr (smp6 and their double letters... =P). Anyways welcome to Empire, I'm sure you will enjoy your stay! If you need any help with anything I'll be more than glad to help. :)
  18. haha thanks :)
  19. thanks :)
  20. There's Stage and there's another test server too which nobody knows the name of as it is secret. Who knows, maybe there's even more dev servers too? And because of that reason, we'll just stick to ten :p
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