Hi I'm MartialLuke

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Am I off to a good start? Be honest, i wouldn't have terrible there if I would be offended by it.

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  1. This is the best server ever. I practically only play EMC. If anyone can give me pointers regarding my posted and making my profile better, that'd be great.
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  2. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! There is much to learn to get the hang of this server so I would take a look at the wiki on the site. Other than that; If you wish to have a vanilla type experience, the /frontier is an excellent place to start (May have to travel out very far to find untouched land).
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  3. Hi Martial. Welcome to the Empire. :) What and how much you put in your profile is up to you and how comfortable you feel about it. As for better posting, everybody is different so the best thing to do is to check out the forums and see how other people post. If When Shel posts it is usually a small book, :eek: so keep an eye on his posts. :rolleyes: Enjoy your stay. ;)
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  4. Thx :D sry about making it sound like im new to the server, i'm not. I'm just new to this profile and a account like this of any kind and im not used to this sort of thing, lol.
  5. Hey Martial, welcome to EMC! I see you wanted pointers, well I suggest starting a farm and get a lot of wheat; carrots; potatoes; and sugar cane. Sell those items on the forums, then open a shop in-game. Once you get your shop to a good level, open a mall if you pleas.

    Those are my suggestions for great success.
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  6. Welcome to the empire Martial. If you want some pointers on the forums,
    Why not? :p
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  7. Hm... Just be yourself, have fun, fun graphics, and go from there!
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  8. Lol I actually have made a automatic wheat farm, a small shop but a larger 1 underway. But how do you sell stuff in forums.
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  10. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules

    On a side note: dem rupees 4 lyf
  11. Can someone tell me how these blogs are made. SkareCboi, you have to brag, that signature, you have to brag. I took on momentous and killed him and I got shiny flesh, not amazing.
  12. Its all about the difficulty level you battle him at and the most important is the high effective difficulty that will give you the good drops