hi I'm kya474

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  1. Hi I'm kya474 the sweetest girl ever.
    But God thinks wrong I got bad luck today a bee hive fell on me now I got 5 stings 1 on my left arm 1 under my arm and 1 on my right arm of and let's not forget the 2 on my stomach. Wish me luck to get better because Friday I'm gonna go see my family in California

    Well I'm going to California so I'll see you guys when I land if u need me post on here and I'll be sure to get back to you so I'll see you guys when I land also if you got kik make sure you contact me if you need something.
    Ok guys 4 more days in California I'm having so much fun woot woot back in Colorado so sad I miss my family already D: my stings are all better but I scraped my knee and we'll all I need to say is I got carma badly but on the bright side I'm not in as much pain as the stings
  2. Sweet kya474, BUM BUM BUM
    Another player never seemed so good

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  3. Is that ment to be mean?
    If not tysm
  4. Nope. <<<Click here!
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  5. Awww ty skydragon it so sweet <3
  6. Thx mirr0rr
  7. Please limit bumps to 3 hours apart. lel first time i bump policed
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  8. 3 on auctions, 6 on normal posts I believe.
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  9. Guys I just landed I'm with my grandma and I'm having much fun much love kya474
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  10. Great, glad you're having fun! Hope your stings get better. :)
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  11. Oh dear....lots of stings :/ hope u get better :D
  12. Bump and guys ty you made my day
  13. Which one is you on your picture?
  14. I'm in the middle also bump
  15. Welcome to EMC!
    Well, if you are that sweet, like honey, so no wonder the bees gave you some "love"!
    Hey, look on the bright side, God did not make you allergic to bees, right? :)
    Good luck getting better, and enjoy California!

    Be sure to take some nice pictures of the landscape of the areas you are around, and post em up!!!

  16. XD if you said welcome to emc because you think I'm new I'm not lol and ty idk if I can take pictures because I'm with my family
  17. Awww sorrys! take pics not of peeps, just of the scenery!
    if I haven't seen you, you are new to me! :)