Hi i have a request!(:

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  1. Hello My IGN is K3josh, i really admire your server and want to help improve it, no before you think im like the other 20000 people that say that and then ask for admin
    think about what im about to say. well I have a 'Builder' statis on over 20 servers
    this statis contains of a few "perks" i have worldedit and creative, i am justt bellow a moderatior. i have noticed on your server there is no "builder" class so i ask for a "test" what i mean by this is you give me a job and thhe items i will need to complete that job if you like the outcome of this you have 3 options 1. give me the rank builder (or mod)2. give me creative 3. do nothing and give me a pat on the back! no matter the outcome there is no negitive on my part other than you takeing the time to read this and for that THANK YOU!:)

    P.S powerdan is a very helpfull staff member i think he deservs some credit for all he does to help the common player

    sincerely, K3josh
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  3. He do not want to be a mod. He "simply" wants a Builder Status (Creative).

    Whatever.. I think sth. like an "Creative" mode should not be on the empire. It doesnt fit in the System. (And i telled you that im "only" a diamond supporter, not a staff member ;) )
  4. Not even Moderators have access to creative. :p It's not something that Justin + Jeremy are going to freely give out on their legit server. :)
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  5. ok thanks guys!
  6. I applied for mod before.I think whatever admin/mod that looks it over will have a good laugh.
  7. I also put in a request thanks to yall:)
  8. what do u mean they will have a good laugh?
  9. Cause of my answers.
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  10. I would like to point out that even moderators in Empire Minecraft do not have creative, world edit, or anything of the sorts. Even staff plays legit on EMC :)
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  11. I have creative.
  12. if we implemented builder, eclipsys would be first to get it..........
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  13. I dare you to proove me wrong on Senior Staff having it... i have proof of it
  14. Senior staff do have this ability, no one ever said they didn't :) They are trusted not to use this to their own personal advantage.
  15. see... i knew it! :)
  16. all i want is creative xD
  17. If you already went through the tutorial (as you MUST HAVE) you'll notice the FIRST question ever is:

    What Kind of Server is this?

    And you shoulda answer Survival Multiplayer No PVP... where does it says you can get creative?

    First RULE of EMC... OBEY the rules....
  18. I do like the idea of the "builder" rank, but if builder rank does have perks such as Creative than I think that the rank "builder" should be EXTREMELY hard to get because if Moderators and Paying members don't get creative then I don't think that some random person who is good at building should just get Creative and paying members and Moderators don't.
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  19. Well said joshy! :)