Hi, I am montyman100!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by montyman100, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself to the people. I really love these servers and I was wondering about what it would take to become a mod.

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  2. Welocme to the Empire.
    What server are you going to choose or have chosen? I recommend SMP3.
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  3. You have been here for only 3 days... I would suggest waiting at least 4-6 months before even thinking about that again. Plus, i would guess that you need to have a clean ban record (on any server) (especially about griefing).
  4. Welcome to the Empire, montyman100! This will help you when playing EMC: http://empireminecraft.com/guide/ .
  5. I have chosen smp1 as it seemed the obvious choice
  6. Sorry for asking about being mod, you must get that a lot.
  7. Are you using the regular quote feature? It doesn't seem like it...
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    Oh well, come visit sometime...
  8. Just for the record he does have a clean profile according to MCBans.com: http://www.mcbans.com/player/montyman100

    Anyways welcome to EMC! I am the Tomato King! Make sure you read the guide (if you haven't) -----> THE GUIDE

    Also I will be opening a shop on SMP1 very soon so keep and eye out ;)
  9. Welcome to the Empire! We hope you enjoy you're stay! :D
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  10. Welcome to the Empire. Hit me up on SMP2 if you have any questions or need some assistance.
  11. Just for the record, asking about how to become a mod will not automatically result in you never becoming one...

    We understand that new players may not know the process we have in place, i.e. the application post in empire news section.

    Monty, my advice to you is to play for a while, follow all rules, and be an outstanding member in the community.
    That's how I did it at least =)

    Oh, and welcome to the Empire!
  12. Welcome to Empire! :)
  13. Welcome to the Empire, hope you enjoy it here like all of us do :)
  14. I was referring to another site:) But i wont list it here, due to his right to privacy.