hi help needted

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  1. hi im benny_gamer44 i just created an outpost and i want people to join if you interested pm me
    here on discord name is benny@2512 and if you want to come go to smp4 go to frontier southwest
    go straight west and you'll get there good luck getting there
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  2. Sounds fun! Ill try to make it out there here maybe tonight? I can PM you if wanted
  3. Would you mind sending coordinates? The frontier is quite large and I can see from the map that there are quite a few builds directly southwest, I believe :)
  4. well guys trust me if you go straight west you'll get there if you really need cordinits i will do
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  5. x -1005087.358 z 999870.137 there you go
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  6. hey faded martin your really nice hope you made it there and you don't have to like all my replys
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  7. x _1005087.358 z 999870.137
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  8. Uhm, Benny... patience!

    Posting more replies isn't going to make people visit faster. In fact, it usually has an opposite effect on certain players. Just relax and wait for someone to pop up, don't forget that there are many players from all over the world on the server, so sometimes you're simply not online at the same time.
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  9. I would be interested, however not for a while. What smp did you say it was on?

    Edit: Nvm, I am an idiot. Smp4 is where the outpost is
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  10. well its on smp4 but aren't you carconductor if you are them you are the co owner already your part of this outpost
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  11. ok actually nvm its on smp4 at frontier sw and go straight west and you'll get there its an tower and well its not a village
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  12. No, I am a completely different person lol
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  13. ok so i gave you a location if you want the cords
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  14. x _1005087.358 z 999870.137 here you go thx for checking out the three
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  15. nope youre a car
    honk honk buddy
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  16. This outpost is only one week old and it is already developing nicely.

    There is a fine fenced in farm, a tower with villager populated cubicles, sheep, mooshrooms (and plenty of soup), a nether portal, a couple beacons, beachfront housing, nice fishing, and plenty of mobs to play with.

    We still need more lighting (and more beacons), a cat to control the feisty rabbits and creepers, a larger tower for elytras, more housing, a market, a church, a courthouse, a castle, a water tower, an oriental garden, a spawner for xp farming, a road to the end, and a protected path through hell to the SW outpost.

    A few cows in our barn would be nice too...

    Conductors are cool, like duckies there should be more of them!
  17. hi i don't like the idea of churchs because im not the religion that does
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  18. and car conductor we are established
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