Hi, From Res 18885

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  1. I just joined the Empire, and I'm loving it at 18885. I have had so many visitors today at 18885 and they've been soo kind. I've figured that 18885 is a prime location and wouldn't take no less than 200k for it. I hope to have more friends visit me at 18885, I can't wait. I think I'll build a mega mall at 18885, so any donations are appreciated. Ty for the warm welcomes from 18885! :D
  2. Kinda a high price for a res, especially from someone who is around 4 hours old...
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  3. Love the res dude
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  4. Welcome to Empire! Hope you have the best time on EMC and your Res 18885 :D
  5. Donated an awesome EMC firework enjoy you stay with the empire
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  6. Oooh, nice. I never got any donations, but whatever. I quit my residence. :) I will visit your res. Wait, what was the number? I didn't quite catch it. :p I am glad that you are joining the Empire, I know you will love it! I have no doubt that you will work hard to open a great mall and residence, seeing as you seem to be a bit of a business man. Can't wait to see the mega mall! In fact, I will visit you know.
  7. Woo hoo! Saw myself in the background on one of those. :)
  8. Well... I wonder if he knows why it's a prime location?
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  9. Welcome to Emc
  10. 18885 used to be a legendary shop:D I used to go there all the time:) I think you'll have a lot of visitors:)
  11. What did happen to the shop there?
  12. I have to hand it to him, this guy knows how to subliminally advertise. I think he needs a little practice, but soon he'll be making money!
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  13. Waowzie! What can I say? The res looks amazing! I don't think I would have ever reached that amount of aesthetically pleasing design with my shop..:cool::cool::cool::cool: but your dirt hut, just wow. I can't believe my mega-shop was taken over by such a nice fellow! And I couldn't think of a more honest person then the beloved and generous Deathtomb8953 to donate a firework to him! wHAT a niCE guys!!:D:D:D:D:D!/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cotton gin cotton gin cotton gin
  14. :D Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  15. Ty for the welcomes. btw im not Deathtomb. He just wanted to take me under his wing. Big Things are Gonna Be at 18885! Sorry for the loss of the shop there. I will be building a great shop at 18885 so look forward to it!
  16. What Death found a new buddy :0. What about me lol. If your building a great shop i'll throw you some help if Death is supporting ya.

  17. I am so confused right now.
  18. it's ok .......

    And totaly go i hear there may be a few more opening near pen we should jump on these rese and form another platform

  19. This. I love.
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