Hi everyone!

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  1. I'm a new player of EMC, i'm italian from Milan and i really hope to have fun in this community ( and organise secret guilds with other italians!) !
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  2. Welcome to the empire :)
  3. Oh no
  4. here's another....
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  5. Welcome to the empire!!
  6. Hello. Welcome to Empire
  7. welcome! enjjoy your stay, and uh, what else... dont spawn chickens on others properties?
  8. Welcome! New players are always welcome!
  9. Unless they are aVo. If you are aVo, go away (not directed at the OP). Obviously you arent aVo because you posted something in the public forums:)
  10. What is that?
  11. One more thing, the title of this thread isn't really original... :p
  12. Eew, aVo is Team Avolution, a despicable griefing team. I hate them, their stupid little fanboys griefed many things and stuff, though i dont think the real aVo has been here... :p Dont get into that stuff and you'll be fine, k?
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  13. i did not know that :)
  14. Welcome! :D
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  15. Original? :p
  16. Welcome and you must be the first italian i've met to speak english I and i have met quite a lot) :D
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  17. Are you Italian to?
  18. No, but I'm his neighbour. :p ( neigbour country, that is)
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  19. French?
  20. No, lol, France is not neigbour of Italy. There is Switzerland in between ;) I'm from Slovenia, but you probably never heard of it :p