Hi Everyone!

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  1. Hi everyone! My name is Nozzergirl, but you can call me Noz for short (or even just Shannon) if you'd like. I'm 17 years old and living in England. I've played Minecraft for either 4 or 5 years - I've lost track... and I absolutely love it! I play different types of servers and have played plot based servers in the past and have found them the most enjoyable, yet it seems very difficult to find a good one. Based on the tutorial and having a little look around I think my stay here will be a long one and I can't wait to get to know you all! See you online!
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  2. Welcome to the Empire, there's free cake.

    Also if anything bad ever happens to you, blame it on ninjaboy5656, everything is his fault.
  3. Welcome :)
  4. Welcome from Hampshire :)
  5. Thanks everyone :) Haha, I'll remember that KiraShizumi! ;)
  6. Welcome to EMC, I hope you enjoy your time here! Boom Babe!!!
  7. Welcome to the Empire Nozzergirl!
  8. Welcome to EMC!
    Be prepared to spend many hours within the empire, once you start there is no going back :p
  9. Welcome to the Empire Shannon, Have a great stay.
  10. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  11. Welcome to the Empire!
    You joined at a great time, as there is a halloween promo out!
    Be sure to hang onto it if you wish, as they often become worth more rupees down the road.

    If you ever have questions, be sure to ask in town (people are really nice) or feel free to find me or other staff, or do a convo with me!

    Be sure to check out player shops with /v +shop as prices vary from player to player.
    There is a /ps which will allow you to change some settings.
    What else, be sure to review the rules in the forums, and most of all...

    Have Fun!
    See ya in the mines!