Hi Everyone :)

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  1. I've been playing minecraft for sometime now and I'm glad that I finally found a really nice survival server to play on. I love doing builds and making everything automated. Hope to see some of you guys soon!
    ~ Iamanoreo2
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  2. Welcome to thy Empire! Thou is aweome!
  3. Welcome to Empire Minecraft, hope you like it here! If you need help then you can message me (link in my sig) or check the Wiki (link in my sig also)!
  4. Wlecome to the Empire! I can't wait to see ya ingame! :D
  5. Welcome to EMC, hope you have a great adventure in the servers :D.
  6. Welcome to EMC! It is good to see that another person who enjoys building positive things is joining the server. I suggest that you use your auto-farm skills for building people farms for rupees. There is a lot of money in that business.
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