Hi der

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  1. Well I'm "New" Anyways so liek I'm in mumble a lot and stuffs so anyways that's all :p

  2. Welcome to the empire "new" member!
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  3. First like, thanks Alex :p
  4. Welcome! I hope to find your power source.... It's hidden, I can smell it...
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  5. I read the title and figured you know how to speak Haro.

    Welcome to EMC :)
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  6. I spoke Haro and have played on EMC long befoe you have :p
  7. *cough*
    I think I've spoken Hero and played EMC longer than both of ya'll :p
    I kid, though it's true :p
  8. Yeah you are, but I'm older than Hero
  9. Lol I know :p
  10. Hi! Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  11. But I'm still more Haro than both of you :3
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  12. ;) Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  13. oh hai der
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