Hi All

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Just joined and looking forward to getting started! My wife and I share this account, we've both played mc on the xbox, but are noobs to the pc server world.

    Hope to see you all in game!
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  2. Welcome to the Empire TheSpatialJoker. You and your wife will have a great time, especially as we won't know who is playing. :p
  3. Welcome! What SMP are you currently living on? :)
  4. Currently on SMP7!

    - The Wife
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  5. Hey there and welcome to EMC!
    Cool to hear ya started on the xbox version, I got that day one when it came out, and progressed to the PC version.
    Soon, I would bet that you will both want your own account ;).

    Nice to meet ya, and see you around smp7!
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  6. new avatar buddy(ies)! welcome!
  7. :cool:
    Welcome to EMC!
  8. Welcome to the Empire!
  9. Welcome to the EMC community! I'm sure you'l eavh want your own account after you meet the PC MC world. Welcome!
  10. Isn't time you changed yours Mr. PVP. :p
  11. Welcome to the Empire! :) I wish I could get my wife interested in PC games, grats to you.