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  1. Hey! My username is Sanbao and I'm new to servers. I love to build though and got tired of quiet single player. Excited to claim some land in the frontier and get building!
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  2. Welcome to the Empire, Sanbao! Hope you'll like it here : )
  3. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  4. Welcome to the Empire Sanbao!!! :D
  5. Welcome. I love seeing builds out in the wild. Can't wait until i ride bye yours.
  6. Thanks guys! so far I am glad I picked this server. Takes a bit to find a spot in frontier but it'll be worth it! Any tips for finding a location? Also if anyone wants to play shoot me a message
  7. Welcome to the Empire! :D

    If you want to find a spot in the frontier then try and get a bit further out if you can, so that you can minimize chances of griefing :)
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  8. Cool thanks, black on the map is unexplored area right?
  9. Black is unexplored, yes :)
  10. So I am using a skybridge to get to unexplored territory, and without thinking I clicked on a bed over a fence to checkpoint in case I fall.

    And now I am trapped behind the fence and under a low roof. I don't want to break one of this guys blocks to get out, is there any other option to get unstuck? I am so close to my destination and have been running for probably about an hour.
  11. Break a block or two to get out and put them back. As long as you put it back, it's not a problem, because by the sounds of it, that's your only way.
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  12. Welcome to the empire.
  13. Welcome to the empire!! :)
  14. do /map
    this will show you the live map and hopefully you will get home safely.
  15. I've been using the map but I am so far from town it doesn't feel worth running all the way back. Is there a way to reset your character from scratch or something?
  16. - Go to the overworld (or make a bed)
    - Make a bed
    - Sleep in it
    - Destroy the bed
    - Kill yourself
    - Your back in town
  17. thanks
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  18. Whis server do you play on?
  19. SMP1
    how do you change servers?