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  1. Hey everyone.
    So I have started to play minecraft again after a very long break. Ive been playing a lot of cool steam games such as CS:GO (Master Guardian!) PayDay 2, Fallout 4, and some other games.

    I used to play this server on a different account which I forgot all the information for because I forgot it all, the account is above 1100 days by now. Anyways, what has happened to EMC in the past
    2-3 years since I left for other games. I heard about some dragon update. Also can people please tell me prices of items and a lot of how this server works. Such as how to make buy/sell signs and commands. Also im looking to make some money and make a farm of some sort, what crop or something sells for the most?
    Also I have a Potato Plate armor thing that isnt used and that sits in an item frame from some 100k promo. If anyone wants to buy it just ask me ill sell it for 9k or whatever is a good price!

    Thanks! Add me on steam, InflatableReptilianCat
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  2. Welcome Back

    EDIT: The promo is the 100k forum members not worth 100k lol :p
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  3. Sold to EnderMagic1 for 9k :D
  4. Was probably worth a lot more than that. :(
    But welcome back anyhow!

    *Edit - Ok FDNY just appraised one at 10k in the middle of this month, so not far off the mark I guess.
  5. Yeah I probably should of kept it for later, I'll have my friend give me his
  6. What's the fastest way to get money
  7. Welcome back to EMC, smp4 rules
  8. alot of new staff who are not that great and lots of youtubers :D
  9. Make A Shop Or Sell Me Gold :D
    Welcome To EMC
  10. Welcome back. :) What was the name of your previous account?
  11. No clue something to do with turtles I think
  12. Anyone know the name of some malls on smp2
  13. The best place of information on the server is our wiki. To get yourself quickly familiar with the whole thing again I suggest going over the new player guide, it can help. Prices.. They differ per server so there isn't really a full list of them because of that. Best approach here is to simply look around a bit.
    Fastest way to get money: /vote for the server and/or go out mining and sell your goods to player shops. Some things which are always in good demand: obsidian, quartz, ores (diamond, gold, emerald and optionally also redstone ore, you'll need a silk touch pickaxe of course). Ores sell for more than their counterparts.
    Also a good way is to collect a good amount of items and then auction them off. Which suddenly reminds me that I had one going ;)
    Biggest / better known are poof: /v +poof and SSRC: /v +ssrc.

    Both LadyJaye and AlexChance also have a mall but I keep forgetting about it. Try using /res list on them and you should be able to find it.
  14. Cool thanks, im building a small little simple store at my res ;P