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  1. Hey Guys, I'm Death_Shark

    I started playing on EMC about 3 years ago when a friend showed it to me. I stuck on for quite a long time, but soon got into other games. I came back after a while and realised how much I've missed and how fun Minecraft can actually be. I wasn't really into the forums back then, but I spent a lot of time in game. I've met quite a lot of people and I'm sure many have seen me in game.

    Now a bit about me...I'm 18 and live in England, London. I mostly listen to rock music. I play loads of Counter Strike (Nova Master, u mad?) and even more Garrys Mod. I'm a really cool guy, always chill and joking around. I'm hoping to work with animals when I'm older and have two cats of my own, here's some pictures of them...



    So... I guess you know about me then :p

    PS: If you want my Steam, just msg me
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  2. Welcome back Death_Shark!
  3. Welcome back :D
  4. Hey! Welcome back. :)

    Its always good to have old members back. I'm glad you seem to be enjoying it here (again). ;)
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  5. you should never have left! Now, KFC is nice
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  6. Welcome back Death. :) Good to see older members returning to the fold. ;)
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  7. It always was m8