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  1. Just completed the tutorial. Loving this server so far! ;)
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  2. Welcome to the empire where the server trolls you!
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  3. Hello, have you seen an anti-economy-ruining person named "jackbiggin", as you look strangely like him. We'll have to take you in for questioning to overlord eyekar.
  4. Another JackBiggin? -_-
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  5. Why do u have 3 accounts?
  6. Suspicious...
  7. He got far more than 3 accounts ;-)
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  8. How many does he have?
  9. The world may never know!
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  10. But he is a millionarie. Each account costs 20 euros
  11. jackbiggin2
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  12. Grey Text!
  13. So is this like 7 alts now?
  14. You make me laugh jack...
  15. Wonder who he is?
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  16. Nfell don't try to fool us this is nobody's alt but yourself! *sarcasm*
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  17. Oh, not another Jack...
    "You see in the Empire, the server trolls you" is how I believe it was said actually :cool:
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  18. Surprise! I made a JackBiggin account because then I can join his family :D
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  19. Gah! Don't know who to trust :confused:
    Or maybe trolling....
  20. :( Trolling