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  1. Hello to everyone on EMC. Most people do not know who I am at least not on this account. Now, everyone is wondering 2 things: Whose alt is this? And why is the profile picture of ice cream? Well, there are so many ice cream alts now that I just decided to use ice cream as my profile picture to show that I am an alt. Let's start off with one hint and see where we go from there.

    When I talk in chat with my main, you see #00AAAA

    If I have told you who I am (or you have access to Square), please don't ruin the mystery for everyone else.

    We all love gray text, don't we. Sometimes gray text is used to say something important, and sometimes (as in this case) it is pointless...
  2. This is your color.

    EDIT: Diamond.
  3. I knew who's alt you were.... I forgot.... though I know you are a Diamond supporter.....
  4. I won't ruin the fun this time.
    Or I'll do something incredibly cryptic.
  5. I must create a alt *darn I just told you my plan*
    Anyways, It will be something you would never ever ever expect....
  6. 4,1,24,1,3,0,21,9,11,15,13,0,10,1,19,0,1,4,11,15,8,6,8,15,11,21,4,11,9,8,0,9,11,1,0,10,1,4,23,9,3,21,0,12,15,8,18,21,0,6,8,1,13,21,15,0,15,10,11,15,4,20,15,0,5,10,11,15,4,20,15,0,23,8,21,18,21,11,11,9,13,0,12,15,18,9,13

    There you go.
    If you figure it out, be silent.
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  7. Darn you crazy and Darn my 11 year old brain.
    No idea what to do whatsoever.
  8. I, have, no idea....
  9. basically assign a letter to a number
  10. dont quote me on that lol
  11. raaaaa it cant be letters can it?
  12. jkjkjk232323
  13. How in the world did you get that from that bunch of letters? Teach me your ways!
  14. a=1,b=2,c=3... etc
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  15. What he said
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  16. So I sat and worked it out that way and got this, assuming zero means space:


    Looks nothing like jkjkjk232323
  17. :/
  18. What? lol Did I miss something? :confused:
  19. is that really how old you are because if so we are the same age
  20. ?