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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by diamondskely, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. do knot add someone on your page if you downt realy know him and if he s knot close to your age do knot add him because some people are bad and can track you and i downt think a kid is going to track you but you never now so im dont thrust everyone you see or think that could be nice be safe.:)
    sorry im posting so many adds but some people like to make people realise that there is some bad people out there and im one of them. Just to make things clear i didint say that i was a bad person but im a person that likes to make people realise that there is bad people out there.
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  2. Stop spamming! It is extremely obvious that you are trying to make the mods think that you are a changed person so that they will unban you. It has been tried so many times.
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  3. This is the second thread you made about "introducing" yourself. Im sure whoever is browsing the forums today knows who you rea, so no need for another thread. Please just calmly leave and find yourself another server buddy!
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  4. Doing this will get banned from the forums too...
  5. I think he's talking about you jk. You shouldn't be tracking him.
  6. I don't want to be the guy to have a go at you about spelling, but when you can't even spell your own name right in the title...
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  7. I hope this doesn't come off as offensive, but most people know that there are bad guys on the internet. And your posts... are impossible to read. Fix the spelling, at least, please.

    EDIT: I read your profile, and you seem to be following people to look out for them. We can look out for ourselves. I understand that you're trying to be helpful (and get unbanned), but that's annoying.
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  8. _57c8a1a431a592af806925e57258202f.png
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  9. It is the same guy who....
    Asked my age, then at the same time went on his alt and said
    he said-<"I know who you are"
    I said-<""How?" (of course I knew, I just wanted to test him)
    he said-<"I stock u at nite"
    I said to main account-<"I know who you are"
    he said-<"HOW"
    I said-<"You told me...."
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  10. lololol :)
  11. Yeah guys...do KNOT add people you don't know
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  12. I do KNOT know you.
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  13. Knot hmmm it's catchy lol
  14. I wasnt tracking him, i kept having to see multiple threads by him in the recent one, because he was constantly spamming. I also know him from in game, and want to make sure that no one sympathizes with him. You have no idea what he has said about Max.... And yes, i t
  15. THis is the *third* one
  16. I "add" everyone... Whether I know them or knot....
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