Hey! I'm somewhat new!

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  1. Hey!

    I'm Shon14, i know what you're thinking, "what a lousy name!"


    Anyway, I'm new to the forums, this is only my second post. So i guess I'm new.
    I'm from smp5. I sometimes go on to other servers to look for great prices. If there is this really cheep shop, i encourage you to let me know!:)

    I love playing Minecraft with all my buddy bud buds in smp5. Everyone is just so nice here.

    Thats me! Now you know.

    And final note, could someone please tell me to make your achievements show unlike mine. Would be very appreciated. Plus i love my last achievement.
  2. Thanks! I'm just new to the forums, not to EMC servers.:D
  3. Welcome to the server :) hope you enjoy your time here.
  4. Fraps no work D:
  5. Lol:p Welcome to the FORUMS;)
  6. Picky these days >.>. I have not met him, so i still welcome to the server. So still valid.
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  7. Welcome to the forum.
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  8. Welcome to the forums!
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  9. welcome to the welcome to the forums!
  10. Welcome! As for the minecraft achievement signatures...http://mag.racked.eu/

    That should help you out! :) Use the Forum BBCode....
  11. Welcome to the Empire and the Empire Forums. hope you enjoy in here
  12. Welcome, as for your achievements I see that you only have the links instead of the images that you see for my signature and a bunch of other peoples signatures too. If you want to do that instead of just clicking on the link to see your signatures you just go to your signature edit page and paste the link you have onto the picture icon. This video should make more sense:

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  13. Just copy the BB-code and paste it
  14. I fix your sig change the spaces to +
    Hope this helped.
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  15. To not i
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  16. Welcome to the forums! :)
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  17. What is so bad about your name?
  18. Welcome to EMC. I hope you enjoy your stay here and remember to not break any rules :D