Hey, i found out whats lagging smp4

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  1. Its the chickens, way i figure it. people just throw the eggs everywhere and dont really care where they end up, i have chickens in my res that i never even put there. i think we should organize a chicken killing day, just to free up the server from processing all those stupid chickens, and maybe find a way to stop people from spawning them outside their own res.
  2. Yes I think JustinGuy should really make it so that when you throw an egg it won't spawn a chicken unless you have build on the res. I have also found tons of chickens in the tutorial lately clogging up the hallways confusing new players... We definitaly need to do something about this!
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  3. We could start by adding it to the rules ;)
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  4. Yeah I suppose...
  5. ok, so we send this thread to one of the admins and see if we can get this set into motion
  6. Chickens, if you see any in public areas then kill them. Egging is now bannable so if you see someone doing it then take screenshots.

    And for me, chicken killing day is every day :)

    Justin knows the problem and hopefully finds a fix. I've suggested like a universal res flag since pset flags are seemingly impossible that is by default disabled (including in spawn/roads).
  7. LOL @ the tutorial areas flooded with chickens...
  8. i dont do any of this:rolleyes:
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  9. Why Is Egging Bannable
  10. Because it is technically griefing because if people don't want the chickens there, they have to get rid of the chickens. Egging changes other's property without their permission, and that is considered griefing.
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  11. i like killing them the cooking them and thim selling or eating thim
  12. it also causes strain on the server

    Things that cause lag:
    -xp grinders
    -mass spam
    -signs believe it or not text has to re-render each time you move so massive stores can cause lag
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  13. JustinGuy should try to work on a flag thats stops people throwing. (this would include potions, ender eyes and eggs.
  14. I'm pretty sure he is...
    Although ender eyes aren't really a problem.
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  15. Yeah, but my point is that its a throwing flag so you dont throw things.
  16. Signs will only lag your client and cause FPS drops.

    I've posted a mod to fix this clientside in the mod section.
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  17. And I am using it :).. Fantastic improvement if I do say..
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  18. Also spawning multiple entities into a single chunk starts hogging memory and if you have too many, you won't be able to move as the memory is being hogged to do the functions of each of the entities and there isn't any higher-level memory for your character to move, which can be considered griefing as it can be done maliciously..
  19. If you hate lag, you may not want to go to my res soon.