Hey Guys :3

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  1. Um I really don't know how to put this, but my name is Asteria and I've been studying archery over the summer, but I use a majority of my free time to play Emc with my friends Ana_Banana10, Itzbubblez , Lollipop8 and othe Emc players, I guess I might as well not make this to long, so....yeah I hope you guys get to know more about me. :3
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  2. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  3. Welcome To The Empire!
    Enjoy Your Stay!

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  4. Welcome to EMC! I practice a little archery too! ;)
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  5. Welcome to EMC! :D
  6. Ruff, ruff. Welcome!
  7. Hey! Welcome :) I'm also friends with ItzBubblez and run into Ana_Banana10 from time to time (since they're almost always together lol) if you ever need anything feel free to ask and stop by my res for supplies and stuff I'm always happy to help :) I mine a lot so if you ever wanna tag along youre more than welcomed to. :)
  8. Hello!
    How are you doing? :)
  9. Welcome To The Empire!
  10. Welcome to the Empire!
    Thanks for introducing yourself, and hope to see you in game sometime!
    +1 for archery.
  11. Hi Asteria. W:)elcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay.
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  12. Hahaha Art u learned how to post something =D ur not as hopeless as it looked XD;)
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  13. Welcome to the empire! Come over to my res any time you wan't! And I also do archery, been doin it since I was 7 years old! Hope you get real good! XD I may make an archery range on my res soon! :D Have a great time here at THE EMPIRE!!! :)
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  14. Ye haven't met me yet. I be Foxy 'n I gunna be seein' ye around :)
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  16. Looks like I need to put you on the payroll. ;)

    Welcome Asteria, EMC is a great community.
  17. Let me edit my post.
  18. Haha, no worries, was insinuating that you were advertising for me for free. :p I'm glad people are getting use out of the app!
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