Hey good to meet yall

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  1. So im new here havent been able to play on the empire servers since i updated to 1.3.1 before finding this place so really looking forward to the update ;) i think il be playing on server 9 anyways looking forward to meeting you all :D
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  2. Welcome to EMC! I am the Tomato King. How did you hear about EMC?
  3. No don't listen to him, he's the prince, im the King. Lord Pork.

    I hope to see you on EMC! Have a great time! I cant wait for the update either. :)
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  4. don't listen to him he lives in a computer ware he thinks he is a tomato
  5. how dare you post when i am posting
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  6. Thanks for the nice welcome guys and i heard about EMC looking around on google for something minecraft realted(i cant quite remember what it was) and i saw someone mention this place and i thought id check it out ;)
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  7. Or you live on a computer where you think I live on a computer :)
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  8. This conversation is heading in a quite random way ;)
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  9. what if we are ALL in a computer :eek:
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  10. You don't say :p
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  11. One question, I see DK in your name! ARE YOU DANISH? :D
  12. Yes i just so happen to be ;)
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  13. You are all my lowly servants. I am King Red, and Welcome to the Empire.
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  14. Velkommen til EMPIRE MINECRAFT. :)

    Håber sku at du kommer til at nyde dit ophold her, og find mig på SMP5 eller skriv til mig privat hvis du har nogle spørgesmål :)

    -Just so you others can understand:


    I hope you will enjoy your stay, and you can find me on smp5 or PM me if you have questions :)
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  15. no im not because i am all powerful
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  16. Yeah, you are king of the dogs, so that makes me King of kings. ;)
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  17. i'm a rouge king...
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  18. Ok great thanks man ;) (skriver på engelsk så alle kan følge med i hvad der står)
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  19. You can type in danish if you just translate it aswell :p

    No need to tho, we both can understand english (or atleast I can =P)
  20. welcome man! hope your enjoy your time here on this wonderful server! :D