Hey Everyone!

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  1. I used to play minecraft all the time, but haven't for a while. This server looks awesome, I'm looking forward to meeting and playing with you!
  2. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  3. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  4. Welcome! Enjoy your time here ;)
  5. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! I hope you will enjoy the community and what it has to offer. :)
  6. Welcome to EMC. I hope you find we have the best community ever =)
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  7. Welcome to us here on EMC! :]
  8. Welcome to EMC! If you need help with anything, just ask. I've found everyone here to be very friendly & helpful.
  9. Welcome! SMP2 ftw!
  10. Hi samchelms. Welcome to the Empire. What smp are you on? I'm on smp3 and if you see me on and need help, let me know. Enjoy your stay. :)