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  1. Hey everyone i am really exited to join the Empire!!! This is actually the first time i have done anything like this but the community seemed nice so i decided it would be worth it. I guess that I should say some stuff about my self sooo here I go! I live in United States Michigan (or the mitten state) and mostly enjoy video games, reading or going out with friends. My favorite drink is ARIZONA Arnorld Palmer (typical for a kid my age in my town) and my favorite food issssss..... ham..... i guess.... most of the times if i am on most computer games i will be recording on my brand new youtube channel or just playing somethin with buds with no recording but that's fairly rare. I also unlike other kids enjoy school (unless its math) but thats mostly cause most of my classes are electives or have good teachers. I plat the bassoon in my school band (although i think im pretty bad at it no matter how many people say otherwise.) but that pretty much sums me up in a nutshell, any way hope to talk to a lot of you and meet the community thanks a lot for making an awsome group. Bye!!!
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  2. Welcome to the Empire! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. :)
  3. Welcome to the Empire! Hope you enjoy your stay. :D
  4. Welcome! I hope you'll enjoy EMC :)
  5. Happy to see new people on the forums
  6. Welcome, Hope you enjoy your experience on the EMC server(s). c:
  7. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
  8. Welcome to the Empire! :)