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  1. Hey everyone. :D I'm Vandheer and am happy to be joining Empire Minecraft. I've been playing Minecraft single player for a bit now and have enjoyed it so I've decided its time to move up in the world of minecraft. What better way to do that then to join the Empire?

    I created an account on here some time ago and was to busy to actually do anything so now that I got some time on my hands I'm back for real this time.

    If you'd like to know more about me feel free to shoot a message my way. I could also use a few pointers for getting used to things within Empire Minecraft so please send me messages about that aswell, or i guess even post in this thread if you'd like.

    Now I'm off to find where I get my residence! Wish me luck. :cool: Look forward to meeting some of ya in the Empire. :D
  2. Hello you! Enjoy your time in the empire! Make sure to read the rules and use all the utilities at hand. If someone is annoying you in chat you can ignore them by using /ignore <name>
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  3. Welcome to Empire, hope you good time here
  4. Welcome to Empire!
  5. If you don't read the Empire Guide, you'll meet with a terrible fate.
  6. Welcome to the Empire.
  7. Welcome! Like SillyWhiteMage said, be sure to read the Empire Guide. It will answer almost all your questions about EMC! And if you need a recommendation on which SMP to live on, I'd say SMP7! ;D
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  8. Thank you everyone for the replies and for such a warm welcome. :D

    Thanks for the ignore tip and yes I have read all the rules and guidelines. ^^

    Though I have read the guidelines what terrible fate would I have met if I didn't? :eek:

    If id of read your post sooner mogri I'd probably be on SMP7 but I'm on SMP4, which has been a great server thus far. :) Though I will say I admire your epic Moogleness.
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  9. Welcome to the empire!
    smp7 is wonderful as morgi said, well every minecraft server is awesome. :p
    Do you admire my Piggehness? :D
  10. ? he has been here for over 3 months. I think he knows the deal by now.
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  11. oh, I never /p his name. Maybe he never made a thread that welcomed himself.
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  12. What I am saying is that 1) you can click on his pic and see when he joined and 2) he should know the rules pretty well by now.
  13. Oh. haha.
  14. Yes I do admire your Piggehness very much. Do you have a pig farm to go along with it? :D

    Yes I have had this account for about 3 months now but after making it I never actually played in the empire let alone introduced myself or met anyone. :confused: Hence my doing it late but better late then never. Think I explained that in my initial post but if I didn't this explanation should do. Hope that better explained it at least.
  15. This must change.... But kitteh farm is pretty epic.
  16. Welcome to the empire!

    P.s I recommend SMP7 too its where i live
  17. You know you bumped ths thread from one month ago?
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  18. We need a meme to post on old threads that someone bumps... LOL
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