Hey Everyone - Ask me questions!

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  1. Hey everybody - Some of you may or may not know me... I have been on EMC for about 214 days. Unfortunately I am having troubles connecting to Multiplayer Minecraft servers ever since I moved into college, so it has been nearly impossible to get onto EMC which is really really upsetting. If you would like to maybe help me figure out how to help me fix my situation - I have a couple links to threads that explain the situation more thoroughly.

    Now, On with the questions! I will answer almost anything.


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  3. Why is SMP2 the best server though?
  4. Why isn't it? :p
  5. I asked first! D:
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  6. Whats my real name?
  7. I was meaning to reverse physcology, or something like that.
  8. There is no "best" server; It would all be by opinion... The best server is uniquely different to each person depending on the game experience they enjoy the most. What I like the most about smp2 is the active market it has. But on the flip side....

    It can make it harder for new players to start their own shop.

    There is always more than 1 way to look at things - some more rational than others.

    Billy Bob - you got me there I should have been more specific about the questions lololol
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  9. Do you remeber me?
  10. Good thing you eat chicken, I was about to say if you ate cows I would turn you over to ICC.
  11. I never actually said I "eat" chicken - lol, but yes I do.
  12. Do you want a chicken outbreak on your res?
    Are you on dragcave.net?
    What is your favorite color?
    Texture pack?
    Breed of dog?
    Are you a cat/dog person?
    Do you like pigs more than cows?
    Do you have a nose?
    How rich are you?
    Do you think you have more lapis lazuli on your res than I do?
    Is the answer above no?
    Is the answer above yes?
    Am I annoying you?
    Will post more questions when I think of then.
  13. 1+1=Tacos?
  14. Umm, I know I have seen you before...

    Ummm, unfortunately I have move disabled right now - when I can finally get on again, I would prefer for it not to crash my Minecraft.

    Not yet


    I don't have a favorite book, but I did enjoy reading the Hunger Games here recently.

    I found a cool chicken skin... It has CIA on the back, but I plan on changing it to EMC eventually

    I prefer the Default because I have used it for so long.




    I don't have a favorite breed, but I love all dogs especially when they are little puppies.
    Dog Person - I like cats, but I am unfortunately allergic.
    hmm, Cows
    Yes, yes I do
    Relatively poor - college student :p
    hmm, I have quite a few placed as blocks in my shop; but I am going to guess you do (no)
    No I think it is fun
  15. You forgot the troll! :(
  16. Oops- I don't know why I missed that, lol,
    My favorite troll is when people say they are leaving in the Title, then say jk in the rest of the post.
  17. If X=13, what does Sneeker =?
  18. 10.3
  19. Wrong. Sneeker=Awesome. Didn't you learn your maths?