I'm Leaving SMP5 Forever (Moving to SMP1)

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  1. For those wondering, No, I am not leaving EMC for a while nor do I ever intend too.
    Hey guys, it's me again. I've had this on my mind for a while now, but I finally thought I should make the move. Yes, I am sadly leaving my original SMP, and moving to SMP1. I will be closing my res and tearing all materials and moving it too my new res in SMP1.
    I might not move, but here are some good reasons why:
    People on SMP1 I know better (from the forums) and more friendly than SMP5
    30% of the People on SMP5 are: My friends, they like me, they don't bother me.
    30% of the People on SMP5 don't know what they're doing, they get mad easily and yell at me, threaten me with reports (and falsely accusing me of "griefing" their res's when I obviously don't have build perms, and I was just looking around) and other bad things of the matter. I've been spit at, yelled at, beat, and called names worse than you could imagine, and treated poorly like a piece of Dirt sitting at the bottom of your res.
    10% of the People on SMP5 just downright hate me for: Trying to help people, being friendly, answering questions, refusing to lower my shop prices (they're cheap already...) and just all together existing.
    This is why I will PROBABLY move to SMP1. Not saying that I've had my bad times on SMP1, just that there were way less. If I decide not to move, I will most likely keep /chat off in SMP5.
    Even if I don't move to SMP1, you can still see me around in:
    SMP1 (In Town)
    SMP5 (In Town)
    SMP6 (Wild Outpost)
    SMP7 (Wild Outpost)
    SMP9 (In Wild)
    UTOPIA (Everyone is in /ch s)
    I know I tend to right 5-page essays, but I hope at least one of you read this far. You guys help me still sign on everyday and be an active member in this great community. <3
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  2. About the 30% don't know what to do? Well, it is like 99% percent....
    So we are the SMP5 Veterans 1%!
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  4. That is Pretty much it.... Most of the time there are 2-3 supporters that know what to do.. I would love to move to smp1 or 2 but I build a 210 days on the 4 res's I got.... Cough... Cough... Worldedit...
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  5. Welcome to smp-1, glad you finally joined the dark side!!!!! MAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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  7. Do you guys have cookies? :3
  8. Ummmm, yes...I have 4 double chest full :D
  9. It's an inside joke... don't worry.....

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  10. Love it, I will maybe add it!
  11. if smp5 is being mean to you, you are always welcome on smp9 where 99% of us are very nice and welcoming :)
  12. Nah, too many new people. SMP1 probably. (Also SMP9 I'm in the Wild if you didn't read it)
  13. SMP6 is pretty nice, if uneventful.
  14. Really no smp3 on here I see how it is Iamsaj......but I totally agree More and more of the new people are very rude (Not all) but most....and I am on smp1 I would love to have you (Join the dark side)...If you move I hope you like smp1 better
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  15. awww Another fellow smp5er is leaving :(, Im the same as mark i have invested way too much time on my res and murrgetter res's but i do have res on smp1 so might be building there in the future :D and I'm stealing your sig, i been a member of smp5 since day 1
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  16. SMP1 Where trolls troll trolls trolling trolls...
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  17. I would rather have that than... ''hey y ru steeling meh stuffs i told you no to go in thos chestz i am reperting for steeling''
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  18. Cough cough I know what member you are talking about cough cough
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  19. Even on smp1 there are people who do not lmow what to do, also if you do move, welcome to smp1!
    :EDIT 1250th post! WOOT!
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  20. Well, I read the entire essay. And, if you do decide to move, welcome to smp1!