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  1. Hey everyone hows it going? Nickblockmaster here and I'm soarviving on smp6 so if you want to hang out, build some stuff, or go mob huntin I'll be there! I've been with the empire going on four months and let me tell ya its awesome here. I get on as much as I can and when I go, boy I cant wait to get back :D . If anyone out there needs any help just come by smp6 and ask me (that is when I'm on) anything you need! I'll gather my resources, pay ya if I can afford it, or whatever you might need I'll guarantee you I can help you get your job done right! Cya around fellow minecrafters :)
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  2. Glad you're enjoying your time here! :)
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  3. Welcome to the forums!
  4. Great to see that you like the Empire! I hope you enjoy the forums as much as you do the ingame experience
  5. First thing i thought when i saw your name was Nickbowhunter..
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